The First Black-Owned Brewery “Hippin’ Hops” In Georgia

Oysters and craft beer make for a dynamic combination, refined with hearty and comfortable. Clarence Boston’s new restaurant Hippin’ Hops in East Atlanta Village celebrates this pairing, supplied by Boston’s own brewery — the first Black-owned brewery in the state of Georgia. Also a mortician with a successful funeral home business, Boston’s enthusiastic about bringing his business talents to living, eating and drinking in the heart of Atlanta. He joined “City Lights” engineer and contributor Shelley Kenneavy to talk about the new venture and what inspired it.

The brewery in Stone Mountain supplies original craft beers to Hippin’ Hops, and Boston described the select menu of brews — with buckwheat, IPAs and sours. “We don’t have, like, fifteen, twenty beers, because when we’re finished it’s just too many beers to have… We just want to focus on quality, versus quantity.”


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