October x Hennessy

Celebrating October with Mixologist Ev Clark, founder of @evsbevsmixology

Competition season is in full swing! Here’s his entry for @pdxcw Hennessy My Way:

Diaspora ✨
1.5 oz Hennessy Black
0.75 oz Banana lemon Vanilla juice*
0.25 oz Branca-Menta
Topped with 4 oz of Mexican Coca-Cola
Garnished with a sliced Banana leaf 🍌

“Diaspora was inspired by the Cuba Libre cocktail and the national drink of Argentina called the Fernando. I wanted to maintain that simple 3 ingredient traditional build by adding my own innovative touches. Each ingredient represents its own indigeneity: Cognac, especially Hennessy, is highly popular and representative of the POC community. Hennessy Black was chosen for its young age, French oak notes and sharp spicy finish, making it perfect for mixing with other bold flavors. Coca-Cola is made from the Kola nut that comes from West Africa; Mexican coke is especially unique in the way it’s made from cane sugar. Bananas are associated with the Tropics and predominantly POC areas including Southeast Asia, Africa and Central and South America. Instead of limes for a traditional Cuba Libre I used lemons. And instead of Fernet-Branca in a traditional Fernando I used Branca-Menta”

📸: @kellyannethornton

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