The Fanbytes Impact Fund By Timothy Armoo Aims To Help Black-Owned Brands & Creators

The Fanbytes Impact Fund last year raised around $140,000 (100,000 pounds) to support dreams. Next year it aims to more than double it with almost $350,000 (250,000 pounds) the investment target.

The spread of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 was a moment that united most of the world in the need to move forward against racial inequality, prompting the advertising sector to look at itself once again. But the long-standing problem around minority representation remained and wasn’t disappearing fast. That continues to be the case over a year on, but a few solutions have emerged that have begun to make some difference.

One such initiative came from influencer marketer agency Fanbytes, run by chief executive and founder Timothy Armoo. He started the business at the age of 22 while in his second year at university to help clients navigate Snapchat. It wasn’t his first business either—at 17, in between classes at school, he built and sold his first social media agency.


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