First Eastern African Food-Systems Oriented “Nakuru Living Lab” Opens

How do you turn animal manure into the best agricultural fertiliser? Can the black soldier fly be used as animal feed?

These are just some of the questions budding entrepreneurs in Eastern Africa have. To provide theoretical and practical answers to these questions, Wageningen University & Research and its African partners are to open living labs over the next few years.

The objective is to continuously increase and improve the knowledge generated in this project, which is partly funded by the IKEA foundation. Simultaneously, innovating entrepreneurs are provided with assistance, while the project also contributes to transforming the food system.

The REFOOTURE project aims to enable farmers in Eastern Africa to obtain greater yields from their lands while simultaneously improving nature. And, if this proves successful, will there also be ways to develop new food systems that help fight inequality, poverty and youth unemployment?

In short: what options are there for regenerative and inclusive food systems in the East-African context?

Nakuru Living Lab, which was launched in collaboration with Egerton University, is the first living lab to open. More living labs are expected to follow in Uganda and Ethiopia in the near future.


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