Can Crypto Be The Currency For Black Financial Freedom?

The new frontier is digital; which means newly blazed trails have fewer highway robbers (who are often cops) that can select victims based on race.

This is why sometimes our appearance of being “late” in business opportunities really stems from distrust of those who are supposed to keep our money safe. Yeah, we see that steel vault but there’s something about all these people with fancy suits, titles and ledgers that raise concern, making us sleep better know the money is in the mattress.

Investment banks are losing power in leveraging privilege of those they anointed. In this marketplace, licensed bankers are middle men who no longer serve a justifiable purpose. That alone is a wrecking ball to their old ways of control. More importantly, now when we build Black Wall Street 2.0, and our boot strapped masses face the violent impulses of white rage, we can still retain our wealth because there is no brick and mortar to bomb, burn or flood.


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