Tyler Perry Partners With TD Jakes To Purchase 132 Acres in Georgia For Entertainment District and Affordable Housing

Tyler Perry and Bishop T.D. Jakes made some powerful real estate moves this week as the two received the green light from Atlanta officials on Thursday, June 17, to purchase over 130 acres in the city through two separate deals.

Perry will buy about 40 acres at Fort McPherson, an old U.S. army base where he plans to develop an entertainment and shopping district with theaters, retail shops and restaurants. Jakes’ deal will see him purchasing the remaining 95 acres where he plans to pursue his own development project in affordable and workforce housing.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp called the joint announcements “a real shot in the arm for an important community within the state of Georgia. Significant job creation, such as this will, create more opportunities for hardworking Georgians and surrounding small businesses, which are the real backbone of our state’s economy,” Kemp added in the statement.


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