James Hunt, Founder and CEO of “Celebrity Credit Guru” Mentors Young Black Men

James Hunt is recognized nationwide as “The Celebrity Credit Guru,” helping America’s biggest entertainers, athletes and thousands of everyday people with their credit so they can make money moves with supreme confidence.

Just eight years ago, James Hunt was homeless, walking through the upscale Buckhead community of Atlanta dreaming of one day owning a beautiful home and driving the Range Rover or Bentley that would often pass him by.

Those dreams are now a reality, and he credits that to his vision and unrelenting pursuit of success.

Through Hunt’s credit and financial concierge company, based in Atlanta, GA, he elevated himself from a life of homelessness by becoming the top person in the credit repair industry.

Over the last seven years, he has done the same for several of his employees. All young, black and mostly in their twenties and thirties, some of them were homeless themselves or just lacked direction – only to work with Hunt before ultimately launching their own six and seven figure businesses with excellent credit to boot.

He is currently elevating the next group of business owners and has designed a masterclass for entrepreneurship and credit on his website.


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