Simone Edmonson Launches “Dreams and Jammies” First Pajama Line Featuring Children of Color

Building self-esteem through positive representation is an important part of raising healthy children. Simone Edmonson established Dreams and Jammies LLC, an Atlanta-based company, to play a key role in transforming how children of color see themselves uniquely portrayed in their sleepwear as they drift off into their heavenly dreams.

Company founder Simone Edmonson states, “I wanted children of color to know that they’re valued and their faces matter. On average, children are in their PJ’s nine-plus hours per day.

So, I thought it would be inspirational for them to show their individuality by selecting designs, which aligns with the child’s inner spirit. Parents could use Dreams and Jammies as a platform to launch their child’s daily affirmation of self-worth.”


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