Black Scientist Jazmine Kionna Designs High Heel Shoes That Can Be Worn For Hours Without Pain

Many women go weak at the knees at the sight of a beautiful pair of heels, but did you know, according to ShopSmart, that statistically, women own 17 pairs of shoes, yet only wear 2-4 pairs on a regular basis because of comfort issues. This is where Jazmine K. Davis comes in. She is the founder of Jazmine Kionna, a brand of high heel shoes that feature built-in insoles technology.

Ethical, comfortable and relevant, the insoles have been designed to take the impact of each stride by conforming to the pressure point of your foot. On her inspiration, Jazmine confessed, “The catalyst for our creation came about during a shopping trip to Chicago. During this trip, I decided to use my small fortune saved up from my Summer internship in order to purchase my first official pair of designer heels. The sheer and utter bliss I felt was short lived when I finally slipped on a pair of designer shoes and the pain was unbearable!” Adding: “I created Jazmine Kionna to provide an alternative shoe option that is both affordable and comfortable.”


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