Students Building Websites For Local Tulsa’s Black Wall Street Businesses

Nearly 100 years ago, a white mob attacked Tulsa, Oklahoma’s thriving Greenwood District, home to the city’s African-American community, killing hundreds and destroying businesses.

Now, a group of young students are bringing some of those businesses to life in a project that links coding and history.

Ahead of the centennial commemorating the Tulsa Race Massacre in May-June 2021, Urban Coders Guild is working with local students to build websites for the businesses destroyed during the horrific event a century ago, as if those businesses were still around today.

The project can’t undo the horrors of what came to be known as the Tulsa Race Massacre — one of the worst acts of racial violence in American history — but the people behind it hope that it will help spur knowledge around the horrific event as well as teach students an invaluable skill along the way.


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