James A. Samuel, Jr. Creates App “ANJEL” That Turns Smartphone Into a Body-Cam

ANJEL Tech is a new app designed by James A. Samuel, Jr. that turns any smartphone into a powerful body cam. The recent conviction of Derek Chauvin relied heavily on the smartphone video evidence captured by 17-year-old Darnella Frazier.

With the ever-increasing number of police killings and racial profiling, James Samuel, Jr. says he was tired of raising kids in a world that forces them to understand they are unsafe in their skin before learning their ABCs.

ANJEL Tech is not only for interactions with police. The app is a solution to increase safety and peace of mind for anyone. Allowing a smartphone to become a body cam creates a lifeline to loved ones to increase safety and accountability.

The Chicago Defender spoke with James Samuel, Jr., exclusively about his ANJEL Tech app and the future of app designs catering to Black people.


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