Atlanta Based Metaphysical Store The Honey Pot Aims To Serve As A Healing Space For The Community

The Honey Pot is a metaphysical store, crystal shop, and candle shop known for its products that invoke positive energy and vibrations. In the store, one can find hand-poured candles and handmade spiritual baths.

Lana Harris Moore, the owner of The Honey Pot, says she has always been a very “in-tune” and “spiritual” person. However, there was a point in her life when things changed and she wasn’t able to spend as much time doing her own personal spiritual work due to work and other life events.

“I was in the corporate rat race, I was in horrible relationships, all these things going on in my life and I needed to take a minute,” said Lana Harris Moore. “To get back to myself and doing that I started reading and meditating and doing yoga and doing some of the things I hadn’t done before to tap into my spirituality.”


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