10 Black Mother’s Share The Best Advice Given To Their Daughters

The one piece of advice I remember my mother giving me was about money. Specifically, to make sure I had my own and to never rely on a man for it. Ever. As a Black woman, with no parental safety net and a slew of systemic roadblocks, my mom gave this advice to me, her only daughter, because she was trying to protect me from future heartbreak. She couldn’t have known then how much she’d need her own advice in her 60s when she was divorcing my dad. She also didn’t know that she was ahead of her time by believing the simple idea that you could be financially free from your husband.

This Mother’s Day, when we’re celebrating the women who shape our lives, Refinery29 wanted to highlight Black moms and the advice they dole out that makes our communities stronger. So writer Kathleen Newman-Bremang asked 10 Black mothers to share what they passed on to their daughter, and their daughters what they learned from their mom. Here’s what they told her…


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