British Rapper Swiss Creates “Black Pound Day” To Support Black-Owned Business

“You can’t always rely on the government,” said the British rapper Swiss, who created Black Pound Day.

Nearly a year after the peak of the Black Lives Matters protests, which may have been the largest social movement in U.S. history and quickly spread across the globe, businesses are looking for ways to convert that chaotic surge of interest into regular, reliable sales.

In Britain, one effort was created by Swiss, a British rapper. He calls it Black Pound Day, and the idea is simple: Once a month, people should spend money with Black businesses.

“It’s to bring money in and to try and circulate it within our community,” Swiss said in an interview. “You can’t always rely on the government,” he added, “so we’ve got to turn to ourselves and make solutions for ourselves. Black Pound Day is one of those solutions.”


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