Largest Black-Owned McDonald’s Franchise Owner in Philadelphia Expanding

Tanya Hill-Holliday knows the value being prepared to make a strategic move. So she seized the moment when presented with the chance to expand her business operations.

In March, she acquired two McDonald’s restaurants in Bensalem and Hatboro that were formerly operated by another business owner.

The businesswoman went from serving customers as a McDonald’s crew member to becoming the largest Black-owned McDonald’s franchise owner in the Philadelphia region. In 2009, Hill-Holliday became the first African-American woman to own a McDonald’s in Philadelphia when she purchased two restaurants on City Line Avenue. She currently owns 12 McDonald’s in Pennsylvania.

In December 2020, she expanded into South Philadelphia and acquired the restaurant located at 24th Street and Oregon Avenue. And in 2018, Hill-Holliday became the first African American woman to own a McDonald’s in Allentown.


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