Georgia Attorney Roy Miller Wins Lawsuit To Remove The “N” Word From Major Dictonary

Attorney Roy Miller from Macon, Georgia has devoted his life to justice, racial equality, and music. He has succeeded in all three roles. In fact, through his efforts, he has even succeeded in having the infamous n-word slur against Black people stricken from a major dictionary published by Funk & Wagnalls. His young niece was the impetus for his fight against the company.

Funk & Wagnalls has published a collection of English language dictionaries known for emphasis on ease of use and current usage. But consider the dictionary’s definition of the n-word: “nigger n. A negro or member of any dark-skinned people; a vulgar and offensive term (See Negro).”

“When I read the definition, I was outraged. I immediately realized that the old definition that applied the N-word to any race had changed. The change only gave a description, not a definition. It merely suggested to the reader that if you don’t know what a Nigger is, just look at a Negro or dark-skinned person and you’ll find out,” Miller says.


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