Iconic Choreographer JaQuel Knight Launches Company To Copyright Dance Moves and Protect Artists

JaQuel Knight has made history as the first choreographer to copyright his iconic dance moves. In a giant stride to take creative control, Knight has launched Knight Choreography and Music Publishing Inc.

Knight shot to fame after crafting the moves in Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” video, since then, he has become her go-to, choreograph the artist’s tours and her epic Coachella performances.

“Copyrighting movement is about putting the power back in the artist’s hands,” Knight tells Variety. “We set a historic precedent with our ‘Single Ladies’ copyright achievement, and we are thrilled to be launching Knight Choreography & Music Publishing, Inc. so that the next generation of artists are afforded the same platform, resources and tools to thrive, creatively and financially, in the commercial music industry.”


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