Meet Kiera Perryman Who’s Mission Is To Build A Sense of Campus Community For Black Women

Kiera Perryman took part in last summer’s Black Lives Matter racial justice protests in Boston, walking the nearly four miles from the Nubian Square commercial district near Northeastern to City Hall. It was her first time seeing people gathered together since the pandemic lockdowns started earlier in the year.

The solidarity of seeing a mix of races coalescing around a movement left a mark on Perryman that day.

“It was very grounding and powerful,” she recalls.

People coming together toward a shared vision was what propelled her two years earlier to join the Northeastern chapter of Sisters in Solidarity (SIS), an affinity group for Black women and part of the larger Black Voices Matter campaign. Perryman is one of about seven members in SIS, and she says it’s meaningful to be with like-minded others.


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