10-Year-Old Author Kande Summers Releases Sci-Fi Book “Going Home”

Black British born, Jamaican author, Kande Summers, pens her first book entitled Going Home: Diary of a Teenage Alien. This book is written through the adolescent lens of the main character called Liz, who adopts a dystopian and explorative perspective of how an intergalactic war would impact life on earth.

Kande is the first, in a generation of her family to have written and published a book, which she has achieved at a very young age. As a reserved and curious child, she began reading at a very early age, while attending Oldfield Primary School in Maidenhead, England. At the age of 7, she immigrated with her parents to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where she attended English-speaking schools in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, where she began to develop a love of English literature and the various writing styles, especially poetry.


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