Black-Owned Plus-Size Collections Available in Nordstrom

“Being a plus-size girl my entire life I never had options in fashion to express my individuality. So I took it into my own hands! I learned the craft of designing. I never stopped even when I wanted to give up. I found a way to keep going because that’s all I knew,” begins an Instagram post from the founder of Zelie for She, announcing that her plus-size collections will be available at Nordstrom. Elann Zelie calls her brand “my love,” and says it’s what gives her the most joy.

Zelie for She was founded in 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Zelie says that she created the company because there was a void in fashion for curvy women to express themselves. She describes her brand as an unapologetic expression of one’s authenticity and individuality. “The beauty of being authentic is that we are ever changing and growing,” she continues. “Every collection is a different story… of travel, friendship, womanhood, and empowerment.”


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