16-Year-Old Running 6-Figure Chicken Sauce Business

When Tyla-Simone Crayton was a kid, her momwould have “wings and wine Wednesdays” with her aunts in their apartment inBedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. On one Wednesday, when Crayton was 8, her mother realized she had no sauce for the homemade chicken wings.

Crayton, who calls herself a “curious kid” who was “always making inventions,” decided she would try to recreate the unique, sweet-tasting sauce of her favorite wing restaurant, which had recently closed.

Crayton and her mom “threw a bunch of random things” together and the resulting sauce was hit.

“What I ended up making was totally different and so much better,” Crayton says. “It’s been history since then.”

Indeed, the concoction became Crayton’s “signature sauce,” one that the now 17-year-old sells for nearly $10 a bottle and in 70 stores across the U.S. Called Sienna Sauce, the barbecue-style sauce sells at big name stores like Walmart, and in 2019, the business brought in $192,000 in revenue, according to Crayton.


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