Atlanta 8-Year-Old CEO Inspires Black Girls To Embrace Their Hair

On this day, Zoe Oli is sporting an afro. Tomorrow, she might wear her hair in cornrows. Or puffs. “I love my hair, because I can do different things with it,” said Zoe, 8. “And it feels good.” It wasn’t always like that. When she was “little,” she said, she came home from her mostly white elementary school and asked her mother why her hair wasn’t “pretty and straight” like her classmates. The hair of her second-grade classmates cascaded down their backs. “When I was 6, I had a lot of problems accepting myself, and I didn’t like my hair,” Zoe said. “Their hair grew down. Mine grew out.” Zoe’s mother went on a quest. She wanted to empower her daughter and to “remind her that she was beautiful.”


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