21-Year-Old Business Owner Launches Sustainable Natural Haircare Brand

For many Black girls, our hair journey has certainly had its ups and downs. From rocking braids accompanied by an array of colourful hair bobbles and beads, chemically processing our hair for years in a bid to ‘fit in’ to embracing our natural hair in all it’s glory or protecting it with a selection of wigs – the relationship we share with our hair is often filled with many peaks and troughs.

For Kent University student and British-Ghanian business owner Nadia Ewura Esi-Simpson, her hair journey was exactly the same.

“When I was younger I didn’t know what natural hair was – I was always relaxed,” she admits. 

“I tried to do hairstyles that my classmates with straighter hair had because I thought it was the norm. I’ve gone from relaxed to unconsciously natural to texturised to being fully natural.”

Nadia says that one day, a relative talked to her about going natural and what that truly meant.

“My cousin told me going natural meant I am supposed to have curly or coily hair, without chemically treating it. This is when I started to really get into natural hair and natural hair remedies.”

For the east Londoner, this revelation turned into a journey of exploration, as she ventured into the natural hair world to discover the various products and methods that would allow her to care for her hair.


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