Memphis Teen Creates Subscription Box to Inspire African-American Girls [2 min read]

In today’s world, there aren’t many positive representations of African Americans in the mainstream media, tv, or magazines which is contributing to lower self-esteem and self-love with our kids. There needs to be more inclusion out there showing our children that they can do anything, be anything, following their hearts and dreams. Show them all the fantastic African American role models and entrepreneurs that help pave the way in history for them also to be able to follow their dreams as well.

Black Butterfly Beautiful, is a subscription box created by 17-year-old Journi Prewitt to empower, uplift, and encourage young people of color (ages 5 to 21) to embrace who they are. These boxes are sent monthly and curated based on subscriber age, gender and the month’s theme featuring books and other accessories from black-owned brands to help address under-representation, uncover black history, and provide inspiration.

Michelle received the January box, which theme is all about Hollywood Awards season. She got to learn about African American women monarchs, actresses who have been nominated and/or have won an Academy Award.

Michelle has dreams of becoming a big star when she grows up, so seeing these leading ladies accomplishments helps inspire her more to keep reaching her goal.

Michelle only knew Oscar-nominated/ Golden Globe winner Taraji P. Henson from the pamphlet because she sees Mr. M and me watching her on Empire, and Mr. M watches her on Netflix as well. But I felt ashamed Michelle didn’t know the other actresses on the pamphlet. However, now she does and will learn more about these actresses achievements.

There were even more fun, and educational goodies inside her Black Butterfly Beautiful box.
This is what was in January’s Box:

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