Podcast Interview with Celebrated Fashion Designer Waraire Boswell

In this episode of “Black Voices”, Barney welcomes American fashion designer, Waraire Boswell. Coming from beautiful Los Angeles, Waraire has made suits for icons like LeBron James and Collin Kaepernick while impacting the fashion industry in a positive way.


Barney and Waraire talk about how little Black representation there is in the boardroom meetings, especially in the fashion industry. “They want my vibration, but they don’t want my impute”. They talk about the importance of diversity within company culture.

They talk about the importance of action vs complaining. “Don’t complain about it, just go do it” – Waraire’s father. There are many people who don’t know what they are doing it, but they are out there doing it. They point out the importance of treating everyone around you with respect.

Finally, they talk about the importance of being honest and transparent. Customers are in more control when they ask questions.

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